Great Spirit Helena Josephina Coat



  • European Cotton
  • Quiltwork & Patchwork
  • Mixed Button Closure down Front (wrap effect in photos achieved by pinning)
  • Hand-Fading, Distressing, Patching & Mending
  • Plaid, Floral & Strawberry Print Trims
  • Appliquéd Flowers
  • Appliqué Portraits of Chief Sitting Bull (Hunkpapa Lakota) 
  • Appliqué Portraits of unknown Indigenous youth (photographed by Carl Moon in 1905, this Indigenous American man is either of Diné Navajo descent or was actually named Eskio Tobar, a Lipan Apache youth of Texas in Diné Navajo Dress)
  • Printed Lining
  • Shirt Collar
  • MP Love Co. Sitting Bull Patch on Back
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